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The kitchen is the heart of the house. This room is associated with warmth and smell, and its colours give it a friendly atmosphere. Glass panels in the kitchen are becoming a popular and easy way to add a new, sophisticated look to this room. The panels are characterized by an original appearance, ease of care, the possibility of backlighting. Rooms decorated in this way acquire an elegant and unique character. We offer you transparent glass - under the panel you can place your favourite photos, recipes or colourful wallpaper. You can also choose glass with ceramic imprint in different colours, hardened. The finish can be smooth to gloss or matte, making so-called “glazed glass”. The use of glass panels is a very practical solution - the glass does not get stained easily, does not get dirty, and hardened glass is very resistant to accidental impacts. What's more, the wall is homogeneous, without fugue joints that are characteristic of ceramic tiles. It increases its aesthetic values and facilitates cleaning.

“Change your kitchen, add a new look! “